Pastors of Payne Podcasts

Below is a link to the three most recent Pastors of Payne podcasts. For our full list of our tracks, follow our SoundCloud account at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church.

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The Joy of Priesthood

It's not easy being a priest (no vocation is easy!) but Father Kerry and Father O'Brien try to live their priesthood with joy and zeal. In this episode of "Pastors of Payne", our priests share stories of their 21 combined years of priesthood in the Diocese of Tulsa.

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How Does a Priest Become a Priest - The Rite of Ordination

With three new priests in the Diocese of Tulsa (Fathers Shane Hewson, James Porter, and David Carvajal), the Pastors of Payne walk listeners through the Rite of Ordination and share the joy of these new priests for our diocese!

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Missing Sunday Mass is a Mortal Sin

The 3rd Commandment instructs us to keep holy the Lord's Day and yet our culture has us believe that going to church on Sunday is optional. Our Stillwater pastors break open the Church's teaching on the Lord's Day and the importance of weekly Mass attendance.