Pastors of Payne Podcasts

Below is a link to the three most recent Pastors of Payne podcasts. For our full list of our tracks, follow our SoundCloud account at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church.

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First Holy Communion and the Silent Prayers of the Mass

It's First Communion time and Fr. O'Brien and Fr. Kerry are fired up! In this episode they discuss their own first Holy Communions and the great gift of the Eucharist. They also dive into the private prayers of the priest during the Mass. Tune in and pass it on to friends!

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What's the Worst Thing You've Ever Done? Divine Mercy and You

To celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, Father O'Brien and Father Kerry walk you through the Divine Mercy devotion and how it can help you and our world. From St. Faustina, to Rudolph Hess, to St. John Paul II, Divine Mercy is a beautiful way of life. Tune in!"

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The Empty Tomb, Easter Eggs, and Notre Dame

Fr. Brian O’Brien and Fr. Kerry Wakulich welcome you to the Easter season! Listen this week as our priests talk about why the resurrection matters in our daily lives, the origin of the Easter egg, and a little about their experiences with Notre Dame Cathedral